AIST-350 is a 6 DOF, fully factory calibrated inertial measurement unit built with MEMS MAX21100 gyros and accelerometers (Maxim Integrated). The unit provides fully compensated measurements of vehicle angular rates and linear accelerations over the whole operating temperature range.

To simplify the unit’ operation in integrated with GNSS navigation systems, a PPS channel that synchronizes the IMU data packets with the GNSS receiver PPS signal is implemented in the IMU AIST-350 as a standard feature. The unit is sealed and filled with drained gas with the dew point of -40C.

Айсенс - АИСТ-350 (1)


Datasheet AIST-350, 345 Kb
User manual, 3 Mb
Dimensional outline, 866 Kb
SAT model, 216 Kb
7_zip Soft AistWin, 111 Kb
Basic technical data
Parametrs AIST-350
Gyro measurement range, °/s ±2000
Gyro bias stability in start, °/hour 4
Gyro noise in bandwidth, °/hour 300
Accelerometer measurement range, g ±15
Accelerometer bias stability in start, mg 0,5
Accelerometer noise in bandwidth, mg 50
Bandwidth, Hz 100
Weight, g 170
Start-up time to full performance, s 5
Power consumption of the IMU, W 1