AIST-055 is a small, aluminum cylinder with a PCB, mounted inside, that contains MAX21100 MEMS gyros (Maxim Integrated) and ADXL-350 MEMS accelerometers (Analog Devices). The unit is designed for installation in customers’ products as a cost-effective, reliable and customizable MEMS 6DOF sensor package.

Basic technical data
Parametrs AIST-055
Gyro measurement range, °/s ±2000
Gyro bias stability in start, °/hour ТВА
Gyro noise in bandwidth, °/hour 200
Accelerometer measurement range, g ±8
Accelerometer bias stability in start, mg ТВА
Accelerometer noise in bandwidth, mg 1
Weight, g 15
Start-up time to full performance, s 2
Потребляемый ток при напряжении питания 3,3 В, мА 60
Interfaces UART, SPI, I2C

Datasheet AIST-055, 100 kB
Dimensional outline, 74 Kb
SAT model, 75 Kb
7_zip Soft AistWin, 111 Kb